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CyberSeven overview

We have condensed the knowledge of some of the world's leading cybersecurity experts into a 15-minute self-assessment covering seven fundamental areas.


A foundational review

Our assessment covers key business strategies that - when implemented correctly - provide a strong cybersecurity foundation. Performing these base components is the fastest, long-lasting route to effective organisational security. Here are the seven key areas we review:


Having a board-serving champion for cyber risk (such as a NED)  as well as defined obligations in third party contracts supports the assignment of responsibilities in a way that optimises business resilience.

Asset awareness

Maintaining a register of data assets and systems is a crucial step in defining your approach to cybersecurity. The review assesses the value of the data assets you control and the business impacts of their loss.

IT budget

Cybercriminals find little resistance when it comes to organisations with underfunded IT teams and infrastructure. CyberSeven assesses the level of funding dedicated to IT and cybersecurity.

Payment controls

Fraud is countered by segregating payment duties, defining processes for payment detail changes, and auditing automated payments. The review focuses on the segmentation of your payment functions to prevent fraud.

IT staff count ratio

An under-resourced IT department handling too many responsibilities will lead to disaster. CyberSeven assesses the adequacy of resourcing to manage IT and security effectively.

Cyber skills and awareness

A culture of security awareness supported by training ensures that employees are vigilant defenders of company assets. The review assesses the maintenance of your staff’s capabilities and vigilance.

Technology versions

Ensuring the security of technologies that you and your vendors use will result in criminals perceiving your business as a hard target. CyberSeven assesses your technology strategy to stay ahead of cybercriminals.

We identified these crucial areas by assessing the common shortcomings in organisations that have suffered a cyber incident. Our team has decades of experience in cyber risk management and have helped thousands of businesses recover from cyberattacks.

CyberSeven covers the fundamentals which provide the foundation for effective cyber risk management. If implemented, all other good security practices and controls to manage cyber risk will follow. 


Start your assessment today

Steps to cyber resilience

Start now and identify your highest risks

Start your CyberSeven assessment now for free. We reveal your highest risks upon completion of the self-assessment. Pay just £99 to gain access to the entire remediation dashboard.

Review your risk dashboard and remediation actions

Our dashboard provides a complete high-level picture of the strategies supporting your cybersecurity, assessed across seven key areas. Your results are visually represented with clear improvement actions, allowing you to reduce your significant risks decisively.

Certify your security and receive discounts on security products

Businesses that score highly on our assessed fundamentals will earn a certification that can be used for a 10% discount when purchasing security products from our partners.

Informed by experience

CyberSeven was developed by some of the world's leading cybersecurity professionals. Our mission is to help businesses understand digital security and prevent cybercrime.


Neil Hare-Brown

As Founder and CEO, Neil has over 30 years of technical and management experience in digital investigations, incident coordination, security audit, and risk management.


Hani Banayoti

As a Senior Information Security Advisor, Hani has extensive experience in managing cyber incidents with specific expertise in industrial control, government, and financial sectors. 


Don Codling

As Head of Risk Consulting in the United States, Don brings many years of cyber operations and investigations experience as a senior agent with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Practical help managing cyber risk

If you need an independent team of highly qualified cyber risk, cybersecurity, and digital investigation specialists…

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