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STORM CyberSeven is a rapid cyber risk review for board-level executives.

In under 30-minutes you can assess your organisation’s key cyber risks and understand the most effective cybersecurity management strategies.


A board-level rapid risk review

What we do

Very few executives find it easy to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity. It’s not just a technical problem; it’s also a matter of company culture, economics, and human psychology. Using CyberSeven, business executives can quickly understand and assess fundamental risks and core strategies for effective cybersecurity management.

We have condensed the knowledge of some of the worlds leading cybersecurity experts into a 15-minute self-assessment. Once completed, we provide executives with the big picture, with straightforward, practical, and jargon-less recommendations to implement and monitor the seven strategies, along with a certificate of assessment.

Why CyberSeven?

Our assessment is a high-level approach to helping executives understand, prioritise, and action effective cybersecurity strategies. Our review delivers results clearly for technical and non-technical professionals.

Understand the fundamentals

Our review covers the seven critical areas that - if not handled correctly - will lead to a loss event. We have identified these areas through the first-hand investigation of thousands of cyber incidents. Take the assessment now for free and gain access to the remediation dashboard for just £99.


Our post-assessment dashboard displays your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses. Included in the dashboard is a checklist of improvement actions conveyed in a straightforward, jargonless manner. Our remediation plan is the fastest route to cyber resilience. 


Designed with executives in mind

CyberSeven provides practical insights targeted explicitly at senior executives and board members. Included in the assessment is a certification that verifies the organisation’s security fundamentals. 

Assess your cyber strategy

This assessment is designed for board-level executives. It provides the big-picture to the board, allowing organisations to review their security position quickly. Our in-depth Cyber3 assessment platform has been created to supplement this fundamental review. View our pricing page to learn more.

Action effective improvements

Results are delivered in an easy to understand dashboard that provides practical insights into risk management across seven key areas. Your security overview is visually represented with clear improvement actions, allowing organisations to act decisively to reduce their significant risks.

Certify your security

A CyberSeven certificate can be used for a 10% discount when purchasing security products from our partners. This certification is issued by STORM Guidance, one of the world’s leading cybersecurity and incident response platforms, allowing organisations to improve trust with their clients.

Informed by experience

CyberSeven was developed by some of the worlds leading cybersecurity professionals. Our mission is to help businesses understand digital security and prevent cybercrime.


Neil Hare-Brown

As Founder and CEO, Neil has over 30 years of technical and management experience in digital investigations, incident coordination, security audit, and risk management.


Hani Banayoti

As a Senior Information Security Advisor, Hani has extensive experience in managing cyber incidents with specific expertise in industrial control, government, and financial sectors. 


Don Codling

As Head of Risk Consulting in the United States, Don brings many years of cyber operations and investigations experience as a senior agent with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Practical help managing cyber risk

If you need an independent team of highly qualified cyber risk, cybersecurity, and digital investigation specialists…

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