An easy-to-use tool to help Executives assess key cyber risk management strategies

For many years, Board level executives have found it hard to navigate the technical complexities of cyber risk and security. Through careful monitoring during the first-hand investigation of hundreds of cyber incidents we have identified key risk indicators common to such loss events and are at last able to help Boards with assessing key business strategies which underpin effective cyber risk management. We call these strategies the Cyber|Seven. Self-assess your business today!


Cyber|Seven has been designed by STORM|Guidance, who are among the most experienced cyber risk management advisors in the world, to help Boards assess cyber risk using jargon-less business language.

Self-assess for free. Then register to receive a Remediation Plan and, once completed, a Certificate for a discount on your first year premium with leading cyber security solutions vendors and cyber insurers.


The Cyber|Seven strategies form the foundation needed by organisations of all sizes to support all other cyber risk management and security controls. These are:​

Appoint a board-serving
'Cyber Champion'

Recognise the value

of your intangible assets

Invest adequately in IT and cyber security

Segregate functions to prevent fraud

Ensure adequate resource to manage IT & security

Maintain staff capability and vigilance

Stay ahead of attackers and address vulnerabilities

If Boards implement the Cyber|Seven strategies, they will find that ALL other good security practices and controls to manage cyber risk effectively will surely follow.

  • Fast, secure and user-friendly

  • Jargon-less, business-driven Q&A

  • Become a certified Cyber|Strategist:

    • Simple registration, minimal data input

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    • Detailed remediation plan

    • Save progress and return as needed

  • Totally free & anonymous at

  • Completed in Just 26-clicks,

  • immediate results

  • Key strategies to inform your risk management

  • Supported by leading cyber insurers
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