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The Certified Path to Cyber Strategist 

"Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat"

Sun Tzu

Are You A Cyber Strategist?

Find out whether your board has the key strategies which form the foundations of effective cyber risk management

Practical business-driven help to clarify key cyber risk management strategies

For many years, Board level executives have found it hard to navigate the technical complexities of cyber risk and security. Through careful monitoring during the first-hand investigation of hundreds of cyber incidents we have identified key risk indicators common to such loss events and are at last able to help Boards with assessing key business strategies which underpin effective cyber risk management. We call these strategies the Cyber|Seven. Self-assess your business today!

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  • Key strategies to inform your risk management

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Cyber|Seven - Cyber Strategist
  1. Responsibility: Appoint a board-serving 'Cyber Champion'

  2. Asset Awareness: Recognise the value of your intangible assets

  3. IT Budget: Invest adequately in IT and cyber security

  4. Payment Control: Segregate functions to prevent fraud

  5. IT Staff Count Ratio: Ensure adequate resource to manage IT & security

  6. Cyber Skills and Awareness: Maintain staff capability and vigilance

  7. Technology Versions: Stay ahead of attackers and address vulnerabilities

If Boards implement the Cyber|Seven strategies, they will find that ALL other good security practices and controls to manage cyber risk effectively will surely follow.

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The Cyber|Seven strategies form the foundation needed by organisations of all sizes to support all other cyber risk management and security controls. These are:


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"Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless."

Morris Chang

Assess and implement key foundation strategies needed to drive effective cyber risk management

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